Saturday, 20 August 2011


Yes - they're at it again. This time the Australian Greens want same-sex couples to have their "marriage" recognised. I'm sorry but as a citizen I think that's not a beneficial stance for society. And as a Christian the Bible is plain about not recognising this type of same-sex relationship as valid. Given that the Bible contains wisdom gathered over thousands of years, I'd prefer its policies over the current politically correct stance. The Australian Christian Lobby discusses here a Canadian example of what can occur if same-sex marriages are allowed by law. The same article also lists a number of reasons why a committed heterosexual marriage is beneficial to personal health, family, society and the economy. So yeah, call me a stubborn PK but there are some old-time values worth keeping.

Friday, 17 August 2007

Say what you really mean

Picture perfect. Or so the local church congregation wants to think of a pastor's family.

High expectations seem to be a defining factor in the development of PKs. I felt it personally and many other PKs say this too (e.g. see Pastor’s Kids Forum >> “What would you say is the hardest thing?” thread).

One of the effects of this perceived expectation is that many PKs sanitise what they say and feel to ‘keep up appearances’. But to survive I found you’ve got to say what you really mean. Its much easier to defend yourself when you’ve kept it real, rather than maintaining a fa├žade. If you are genuinely worried about what others think – still say what you really mean but be tactful.

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Life's a web

Decided to check out who else is doing a similar ministry and has a web presence - um, <>. There are a handful in English at least, and I've got them in the links area. Looks like missionary kids get the best support based on the consistency of posts and activities they promote. PKI has a couple of interesting articles about PKs in their Articles section, and the forums on seem to get some posts.

Good thing PKs can survive without web-based support of this kind or we'd be a lost breed. The hunt continues...

Monday, 14 May 2007

We have lift off

A group of PKs including myself, Melissa and Lindell decided that it was time for us to step out of our fathers' shadow and share our experiences with other PKs (and the world if it cares).

We're also looking to network with PKs in the South East Queensland area in the short term, although PKs abroad are welcome to join in. Ultimately, since we're all in this together we felt it would be a useful ministry if we support each other where we can. At the moment we're trying to lay some groundwork for making this useful to other PKs so if you want to get involved or have any ideas - speak up.